Plymouth Veterans Park

Thank You All For Your Service To This Country

Located at
    18380 Empire Street
     Plymouth, California

If you or a relative currently reside or have lived within District 5 of Amador County and are a veteran of the U.S. military you or your relative are eligible to be included and have the name engraved on the memorial wall. The towns within District 5 are: River Pines, Plymouth, Fiddletown, and Drytown. There are a few towns within Amador County that are partially within District 5, those areas are also eligible. They are: Volcano, Pine Grove and Pioneer.

The memorial will be located in the Plymouth Veterans Park along Highway 49. As part of a three phase development plan, we hope to turn a piece of Plymouth into a Family Friendly Park that will be used by many and show our support for the men and women who have given their service, and in some cases their lives, so we can have the freedoms we enjoy today! Not just on Memorial Day, but every day! If you know of a local District 5 Veteran, past or present, please complete the attached form.

Do You Know Any Of These Veterans
Our team of researchers has not been able to identify the branch of service or years served for these men and women. We are coming to you asking for your help. If know any of these people listed below please contact us or the City of Plymouth. We would dearly love to include them on the memorial wall.

Thank You

Louis Bell Charles A. Bromley Dennis S. Creek
Albert I. Dickson Jarred Forrest James S. Forrest
W. M. Houston Billy Littlefield Glen Nanz
Philip Johann Repp Terry Ridlen Raymond J. Sheeham
George Dale Upton Willliam Wiles